Mass Mediate


Avoid the hassle of litigation and court and municipal filings. Our affordable mediation services can help you avoid litigation and obtain a resolution that is creative and mutually satisfying. Our filing services eliminate the headache of preparing complicated forms and ensure that all relevant information is accurately filed in a timely fashion.

Mediation Process:

Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help people discuss their differences. A mediator does not decide who is right or wrong or issue a decision. Instead, the mediator helps the parties work out their own solutions to problems. The parties sit across from each other at a conference table while the mediator acts as a facilitator in helping the parties work toward a resolution.
Caucus Mediation: Each party to a dispute sits in a separate conference room and the mediator goes back and forth between the parties. This method is very effective when there is hostility between the parties and they do not wish to sit together.

Filing Services:

There are many legal and municipal forms which do not require legal counsel to file, but are still complicated and confusing to many people, which leads to inaccuracy and further frustration. We can help you gather the right information and ensure that your forms are filed accurately and on time. Our service can aid you in filing uncontested/no-fault divorce, debtor-side bankruptcy, wills and estates, probate documents, name changes, immigration status changes, small claims, prenuptial agreements, police misconduct claims and investigations, power of attorney documents, most landlord/tenant paperwork, permit and licensing forms, and much more. Notarization services are also available.

Massachusetts Mediation and Filing Services, LLC does not and cannot provide legal counseling. There are no lawyers on staff. If your situation requires legal counsel a reference to a lawyer in your area can be provided.